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BWCi Animal Hospital Management System

Stock and Inventory

Stock and Inventory

Most systems maintain supplier records, monitor orders and track inventory, but we take it one step further! Barcodes can allow the scanning of your products at the point of sale -- recording the current transaction, and automatically depleting inventory. Our system can provide the supplier record that most suits your needs, and include reminders of specials or reorder warnings!

AHMS Stock Details and Inventory


  • STOCK DETAILS - this tab is shown, where all pertinent information about the stock item can be entered

  • SUPPLIERS - lists all suppliers used to purchase this item historically

  • Ability to copy Stock to Pharmacy

  • Order History

  • INVOICE NOTE - attaches a special note to all invoices that contain this item

  • SCREEN NOTE - Alerts the user to any special information when this item is entered into the invoice

  • LOTS - track each lot that is received, including lot numbers and expiration dates

  • QTY PRICING - allows quantity pricing for this item.

  • PRICE CHANGES - a visible audit documenting all price changes

  • QTY CHANGES - a visible audit documenting any manual quantity changes

  • Global Price Update: To update the prices on Procedures, Pharmacy and/or Stock by percentage, dollar amount, with various rounding methods. Go to BUSINESS->REPORTS AND ANALYSIS, click on SALES ANALYSIS, click on GLOBAL PRICE UPDATE