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BWCi Animal Hospital Management System

Reminders and Letters

Reminders and Letters

Now you can send out Vaccination Reminders, Birthday Letters, Dental Notices, New Client Letters, Referral "Thank You's", Desex Reminders, and Geriatric Notices! Your system will automatically notify you of the annual group of reminders that are due and can even prepare second and third reminders as needed!

The handy comment area gives you the opportunity to promote a new product, encourage the use of your services or add a discount coupon to the mailing.



  • E-mail capable

  • Vaccines - multiple vax reminders by annual, 3 year, etc and by multiple visits such as 1st vax, 2nd vax. Etc.

  • Recalls for rechecks, Recalls for phone calls

  • Reminder cancellation if linked procedure performed

  • Automatic reminders if no info entered (e.g. vaccines, heartworm test, etc.)

  • Online Staff reminders for individuals, vets or full staff as needed

  • Client alerts



  • Mailing labels

  • Ability to create client/referral letters - can create or automatically generate a thank you for referral

  • List of best referral sources - does comparison of best used marketing dollars per referral source

  • Lists by breed, color, sex, etc.

  • Query by client or pet attributes, health condition, age, etc.

  • Referral report by source

  • List of best clients

  • Track marketing responses

  • Promotional Letters - fully customized letters to promote additional activities per practice, grooming, rabies alerts, etc.

  • Expanded referral analysis - Can query new clients by referral source to analyze effectiveness of current ad campaign

  • Mail Merge - from a query of clients and pets, the results can be merged into a letter in your favorite word processor.



  • Rabies, Desex/Spay/Neuter, Health, Vaccination

  • Physical exam checklist - checklist with body diagram for visual assistance and includes previous history on activity sheet

  • Can design reports with paradox Report Writer - Can customize any certificate , letter and report with office logo,and vet’s info