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BWCi Animal Hospital Management System



Procedures are the backbone of your services. You can maintain information on all procedures -- both standard and specialized -- unique to your clinic. Your staff will not have to learn or type all the steps time and again into each pet record. By standardizing your procedures, a simple code entry or just pick a procedure from the drop down window will add the exact amount of detail to the pet’s record. Even better...the standard procedure can be edited and customized at any time!

The AHMS also incorporates SUPER PROCEDURES, making invoice entry so much easier and consistent. Ask us to show you how entering one procedure can produce an entire invoice!

Procedure Entry - Details


Procedure Entry - Super Procedures



  • DETAILS - each procedure can be organized into Accounting Category for revenue tracking

  • Tax flag for each procedure

  • Travel Sheet - to define which travel sheet this procedure will appear

  • Critical Mass - time to perform each procedure for time management

  • Barcode/Secondary Code - each procedure (as well as pharmacy and stock) can have a second code, and it can be the barcode for that item.

  • Three Update Fields - to update the pet record with user-defined information (vaccination, annual exam, etc.)

  • INVOICE NOTE - special note attached to an invoice that contains this procedure

  • SCREEN NOTE - special note for the user, displayed when the user enters this procedure in the invoice

  • CONSUMABLES - any inventory item consumed when this procedure is billed, to provide complete inventory control

  • SUPER ITEMS - lists all items (other procedures) used for this procedure so on the invoice several items so client sees on their invoice all that is involved with the procedure. Useful for Spays.

  • PRICE CHANGES - a visible audit trail documenting all changes to prices.