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BWCi Animal Hospital Management System



All the information you need at your fingertips. Easy to search by name, phone, account number and more! For each client you can recall their inventory and drug tracking, service history, referrals and client correspondence. You can even have various phone options and locations to make client contact fast, easy and customized.

AHMS Client Information Screen


  • No Tax” Selection in Preferred Billing for Clients : Specify clients that will not be charged tax.

  • Owner’s info (SSN, State DL, Occupation, etc.)

  • Spouse’s info (SSN, State DL, Occupation, etc.)

  • Contact info (address, phone, email, etc.) Includes several phone options for locating an owner

  • Add unlimited phone numbers to maintain contact

  • Email Address - for sending reminders and letters

  • Service/sales history

  • Flags ( e.g. financial risk, excellent client, etc.) can also flag to all staff prior or after arrival

  • Discounts ( e.g. senior citizen, preferred client) - coupons, referral rewards, with user-defined discounts

  • Ancillary info (hobbies, children, etc.

  • DETAILS - unlimited comments can be attached

  • REFERRALS - Requires the user to enter referral information, including up to 2 clients, and a field to enter other source. Use to send pet information or a referral vet or send a Thank you to the referring client.

  • Searchable by owner/spouse/phone number/etc. and can search by any field

  • Required fields (e.g. name, phone number, SSN, etc.) can set to require filled fields or allow fill as needed

  • Contact Manager - to log and track client interaction such as phone calls, estimates, legal issues and documents

Functions that Help Your Practice Succeed

Active, CareCredit & Inactive Clients-You can easily identify active, inactive and CareCredit Clients in the AHMS.  The inactive clients are greyed out, allowing only Payments on Account.  Active Clients are clearly marked in Yellow, and CareCredit Clients are presented in Green, with additional colors available.