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BWCi Animal Hospital Management System

Accounts Receivable and Real-Time Billing

Accounts Receivable and Real-Time Billing

Built-in Cash Journal maintains an accurate accounting for practice’s activities and even assists in deposit preparation, check printing and Accounts Payable. The system performs the calculations and records the staff person making the entry in case you need to ask for additional information or track an activity.

Departures are quick and easy with real time accounting.

Your client record is comprehensive -- showing past history, outstanding account balance and current billable services. Interest and statement fees can be automated during monthly billing. You can accept cash, credit, check & specialized (coupon, gift cert, etc) payments, and can even split the payment to accommodate your client needs!

Account Billing


  • Unlimited AR notes

  • Balance due statements

  • Transaction history statements

  • Full activity statements

  • Detailed statements by client/pet - an also per multiple pets

  • Split billing of multiple clients and expanded billing for multiple animals with multiple owners and billing addresses, such as equine and large animal.

  • Finance charges - equine owners with several horses, several owners and billed to a stable.

  • Held check tracking

  • AR transactions are printable

  • Deposit Preparation - tallies daily journal at end of day to double check deposit with payments in hand

  • True Aging Report - 30, 60, 90, 120 day aging and activity reports

  • End of Day Processing prints only the analyses that you select!

  • Accounts Payable with payment management: selection by date due, automatic check printing and payments applied to the Cash Journal

  • Supplier Invoices and Inventory Receiving automatically creates entries in Accounts Payable

  • True Chart of Accounts, with cashflow tracking for multiple locations, cost centers and profit centers